It’s that time of the year again. As parents, relatives and friends we’re all faced with the challenge of getting our school age family members and students the “perfect” Christmas gift. We want it to be meaningful yet fun, desired but not “over the top”. Here are a few suggestions from Educational Discovery Tours, a top educational tour company that has been working with teachers in the U.S. and abroad to provide student travel opportunities for over 40 years.

  • Make a deposit towards a student’s educational trip this upcoming school year.
  • Give a student traveler a new travel backpack.
  • Fill a traveling students stocking with travel accessories.
  • A laptop travel bag is a great idea for adventurous students.
  • Comfortable walking and hiking shoes for the road.

Why educational student travel? School trips are fun and stimulating for children and teens. They take the routine out of the classroom by creating meaningful, life changing experiences and memories. Experts are used on-site to enhance learning. Educational performance travel may feature a famous guest conductor on a New York City band trip. Educational school tours take students to historically significant locations, iconic scientific institutions and locally inspired venues that they may never see in their everyday lives. Fun and excitement is always included in educational tour packages. Adventure creates motivation which makes travel the perfect gift for a child.

Packing light and tight is key to making sure a child has all they need for their trip. Convenience and safety are also important. Recommended backpacks are front loading, have wheels, are carry-on specific and include lockable zippers. Laptop padding and multiple pockets for school supply organization is critical for academic tours.

Stocking stuffers for student travelers are easy to find. Start with the obvious such as the inflatable neck pillow, a small flashlight, pajamas, hiking socks, a headlamp, ear buds or a toiletry bag. Those that want to take the price tag up a bit may consider a phone with an enhanced camera, a tablet or a down jacket.

In addition to a comfortable backpack, a carry-on lap top bag or tote is important to take on educational student tours and student performance tours. This bag should be small enough to fit under an airplane seat. Some lap top bags can even be found that attach to the tray table on a plane.

If you’re still not sure what to get a student traveler then here is the easy go to. Give a child a gift card to a favorite shoe source and let them choose a comfortable and stylish pair for their next educational discovery tour.


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