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How can we help you? Below is a list of our frequently asked questions about Educational Discovery Tours. If you still have questions please feel free to give us a call at 1.800.544.4723 or send us a message.

Educational Discovery Tours does not require participants to be vaccinated, however, all destinations and suppliers have their own rules related to COVID-19. For example, at the time of your trip, some locations/businesses may require masks or social distancing or may require proof of vaccination or negative testing. The links below provide information about current Covid related guidance, including vaccine requirements, in some of our major destinations. Vaccine requirements and other restrictions are changing rapidly and may be different by the time of your trip.

New York City

Los Angeles

San Francisco

New Orleans

We encourage parents to travel as chaperones! Please check with the trip organizer to ensure there is space for you on the trip!

If you are attending a trip where a hotel stay is required, your price will be higher than your child’s in order to accommodate you in a double occupancy hotel room. Also, admission fees for adults are typically higher than student admission fees.

No. In order for us to charge your card we need verbal or written authorization. You also have the option of making payments online through our website. This is for your protection.

No. Written receipts for full payment are provided only upon request.

A pre-trip packet will be sent to the trip organizer approximately three weeks prior to travel. This packet will include itineraries for each traveler with detailed information about flights and hotel accommodations, if applicable.

Airline tickets (if applicable) will be sent to the trip organizer prior to the departure date. The tickets will be distributed upon check-in at the airport.

EDT does offer trip cancellation insurance on some of our programs. Cancellation insurance is an optional program you can purchase at the time of registration. Please refer to your registration form/flier for more details or call our office.  In any case, EDT requires notification in writing if you wish to cancel.

EDT does NOT charge invoice fees. Parents may pay for their tour in lower monthly  installments, according to the tour payment schedule, at no additional cost

No. We cannot register any traveler without a completed registration form.

Yes. We must receive a completed registration form for each traveler.

After the deposit due date has passed, we will continue to register travelers on a space available basis. EDT will charge a “late-add” fee of 10% of the trip cost for travelers registering inside sixty days prior to departure.

EDT does not charge a late payment fee.

Final payment for the trip is typically due sixty days prior to your departure date.

Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card.

EDT provides each traveler with a trip itinerary containing the hotel name, phone number and check-in/check-out times. You may contact your child when the group is expected to be at the hotel. In the event of an emergency, you may call our toll free emergency number: (800) 601-4723.

EDT discourages non-registered travelers from meeting the group due to inherent liability concerns and because non-registered travelers can detract from the experience as a whole for all travelers who have purchased the tour package. If you wish to attend the trip, we encourage you to register along with your student. If you choose to plan your own travel in conjunction with the group, you will not be allowed to participate in any of the group’s designated tours, meals, hotel accommodations, admissions or transportation portions of the trip.

Other than the flight times and hotel check-in/check-out times, EDT does not provide a timed itinerary. The EDT trip leader will be responsible for time management.

During a trip, times can often vary due to flight delays, traffic and even admission lines. We do not provide a timed itinerary in order to allow the group to focus on the trip and not the schedule.

An EDT trip leader will inform you of group meeting places and times. If you do get separated from the rest of the group, you can call the EDT toll free emergency number and we will assist you in locating the group.