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educational discovery tours

Teachers Travel Free

Educational Discovery Tours understands the need for educators to embrace the travel experience. We stand by our educational tours for students and provide teachers with all of the necessities to ensure for a successful educational field trip.

Why Teach Outside The Classroom?

Educational tours for students expands their learning through active hands-on experience with the rich resources of the local community.

Why Student Travel?

  • Extends classroom learning in a “hands-on” environment
  • Enriches the benefits of your music program
  • Encourages teamwork and social interaction
  • Motivates student performance and academic excellence
  • Provides multi-cultural experiences
  • Teaches self-discipline and independence
  • Cultivates inquisitive skills
  • Stimulates intellectual creativity and critical thinking 
  • Provides lifetime experiences and memories
  • Influences students to pursue other travel and educational experiences
  • Generates interest in your class and encourages support from within your community

Fundraising Ideas & Opportunities

While parents are typically the primary sponsors of a student’s trip, fundraising can assist in offsetting a portion of the expense. Fundraising is also a great way to generate excitement and cohesion between participating students. Parents and the community become part of the fun through events such as spaghetti feeds, car washes and raffles. Listed below are a few ideas that may increase your success:

  • Recruit volunteers, create committees and assign responsibilities. Find an eager parent willing to contribute their time and talent towards fundraising
  • Publicize; use the local media such as newsletters or newspapers
  • Enlist local community figures such as athletes, political leaders or local media personalities
  • Get creative and be sure  to verify with your school, city or state  any required permits or Tax ID information that may be necessary
Sales of Goods
  • Bake Sale
  • Candy
  • Garage Sale
  • Auction
  • Magazines
  • Raffle Tickets
Events & Tournaments
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Softball
  • Running
  • Basketball
  • Bingo
  • Holiday-themed Dance
  • Dominoes
  • Racquetball
  • Swap Meet
  • Baby-sitting
  • Tutoring
  • Concerts
  • Shovelling Snow
  • Raking Leaves
  • Painting
  • Recycling
  • Park Clean-up
  • Singing Telegrams
  • Newspaper Delivery
Community & Family Contributions
  • Urge local restaurants and other businesses to contribute a portion of their earnings towards your school sponsored trip. Advise them that your group will encourage consumers to visit their businesses
  • Invite local businesses to match monies raised by your fundraising efforts, or to set up a scholarship fund
  • Encourage students to find summer jobs: babysitting, lawn mowing, dog walking etc
  • Set up a tour savings account at a local bank, separate from the schools. Have students contribute $1-$5 per week