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"It was a great pleasure working with your company. The whole staff at EDT was very professional, organized and courteous at all times. Your agency has touched many childrens' lives - a trip they will never forget. I will strongly recommend your agency to my colleagues."
Veronica Vargas
"Heather is an intelligent, articulate, friendly tour guide who has an excellent rapport with the students and parents. Terrific!"
Lori Sanfilippo
"We had a great time, thanks for everything!"
Connie Mooneyham
Trip Organizer
"First, Barry was awesome as always. He is the best as far as following the schedule and having a positive rapport with the students and adults. Please give my highest regards and accolades to Barry. Secondly, I really like the friendly, courteous and responsive service I get from calling EDT. I always called and had a person answer on the other side. Everyone I dealt with was friendly and knowledgeable."
Anthony Burger
"Thank you for a great trip... We'll do it again."
Petra Drummond
"We had a wonderful time on the trip! I am ready to sign up again for next year! Everything was excellent..."
Rachael Cort
"OUR STUDENTS HAD A BLAST!!!!! It was such a wonderful experience for my 4th and Vivian's 5th grade classes. Everything was organized and we were on track the entire day. Our trips leaders were all very efficient. I just wanted to add that just as we were leaving Sutter's Fort, the First Lady, Maria Shriver and her children were going inside. Some of the parents were able to sneak back in and talk to her. My plan for the future is to include a Sacramento trip with the 4th grade curriculum every school year. Thank you again for all your help."
Regina Ramirez
"Today was exciting and memorable for our students - truly an experience of a lifetime that they will always remember."
Cindy Donovan
"I was extremely impressed with your company's organization. I've traveled with students since 1988 to San Francisco, Sacramento and numerous trips to Europe. You really provided great value for 4th grade students. Thank you very much."
Carol Van Asten