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Educational Tours in the East Coast


Whether you opt for classic Washington DC field trips or a multi-city adventure, EDT can craft the perfect itinerary for your educational tour.

Most tour operators have standardized itineraries they require you to choose from and don’t allow you to modify them. EDT recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all, even for simple 3 day Washington DC field trips. With the myriad of cultural, historical, and artistic destinations one finds on the East Coast your options are limitless.

Your group can walk in the footsteps of our founding fathers while visiting Independence Hall in Philadelphia or while exploring the Freedom Trail in Boston. You can journey back to the colonial era in Historic Virginia or back even further to the early days of European settlement at Plymouth Rock or Jamestown. You can bring lessons of history and government to life in Washington DC while strolling the halls of the US Capitol or seeing the original Declaration of Independence in the National Archives. Or you can delve into the diversity of America on a visit to New York City’s Chinatown, Harlem, and Little Italy. No matter what your dream trip is, EDT can help you bring it to your students.

Check out below for some of the most significant destinations on the East Coast: Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and more. The sample field trip itineraries can be adapted to meet your needs and interests.

Then let us know how we can help you customize the perfect trip!