Many Teachers and Band Directors that are operating their first educational tours for high school students in a new district or in a new role, have to make a presentation to their supervisor or to a school board prior to the educational tour being approved. Putting in a small amount of effort and planning prior to this meeting can lead to a high level of success and an amazing learning experience for students.

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Working with your Educational Discovery Tours (or other field trip company) Program Director will ensure that you have a solid plan mapped out before approaching your administration.

Our specialists have put together the following list of tips to help you with this preparation:

  • Identify what the educational goal of the trip is for the students.
  • How does this trip meet the school/district subject standards?
  • Choose a destination and the length of the trip.
  • Prepare a list of preferred travel dates.
  • Make a list of the travel inclusions that you would like to have provided on the field trip.
  • Budget per student.
  • Provide insurance and safety information.
  • Payment and cancellation policies.
  • Share the benefits of using Educational Discovery Tours.

How do educational tours benefit your students?

Review the materials that describe your tour and discuss the educational values of the trip during your presentation. This is also a great time to cover the curriculum standards that this experience will satisfy.

Where do you want to go?

Are you looking for a customized high school band trip to a festival, bowl game or a parade? Do you desire California history tours or student trips to Washington DC that extend classroom learning in a hands on environment? How long do you want to stay in the destination and on what dates would you like to travel? Take into consideration the goals you choose to accomplish as well as your classroom teaching and holiday schedules. Need inspiration? Check out Educational Discovery Tours’ own educational tours for ideas!

What is your budget per student?

Will your group do fundraising in addition to obtaining parental/guardian monetary support? What will this budget include? All transportation, meals, activities, an on-site trip leader and baggage? What are the trip payment and cancellation policies?

Does your field trip company provide insurance?

Safety and insurance plans are key to any well thought out school educational tours. Educational Discovery Tours offers round the clock support available to address any concerns or questions you have while on the road. Liability insurance is provided to protect our travelers and opt-in/opt-out individual travel insurance policies are also available.

Lastly, to solidify your knowledge and value as an out of the classroom educator, demonstrate to the board that you have researched and chose the best educational tour company to accomplish your goals. With Educational Discovery Tours you have chosen a trusted provider whose focus on lifetime experiences and memories encourage student academic excellence and motivation.

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