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There are many reasons why educational performance tours in New Orleans are a top hit for educators working to create a memorable education trip. Educational performance tours and academic tours alike find New Orleans to be a fascinating and exciting location to visit.

Learning-focused educational tours find New Orleans to be a unique destination filled with adventure of historic proportion. Students can explore cemeteries filled with voodoo lore, take tours of authentic southern plantation homes, learn to cook Cajun style dishes, view Mardi Gras floats being created or enjoy cruises on the mighty Mississippi by way of an authentic steam powered riverboat.

Educational Performance Tours Louisiana

Historical Guided New Orleans Tours

Educational student tours are always amazed at all that New Orleans has to offer. Narrated and guided city tours take groups throughout this historical city including the French Quarter, Lakefront and Garden District. Many student groups visit areas of the city still affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The National WWII Museum is an exciting experience for students and teachers on educational performance tours. There are several ways to navigate the museum. The Education Department at The National WWII Museum helps you to explore the history and lessons of World War II. Museum field trips incorporate object-based learning, educational technology, and world-class exhibits. The museum’s rich collection of artifacts, archives, and oral histories take history beyond the textbook and into the hands of curious students.

Cruisin’ the Mississippi on the Natchez Riverboat, New Orleans’ only steam-powered riverboat, is both fun and educational for students. The Natchez is the ninth steamer to own the name Natchez; her predecessor was the undisputed Champion of the Mississippi, as she never lost a race. She even beat the Robert E. Lee in the most famous steamboat race of all time.

Educational Performance Tours and New Orleans Jazz

Educational performance tours interested in Jazz Band performance opportunities while in New Orleans can play at locations such as Jackson Square, on the deck of a riverboat prior to departure, or in the Mardi Gras parade. Those looking to learn about and enjoy New Orleans Jazz can visit the US Mint Jazz Museum, see a live performance at Preservation Hall or grab some Cajun eats with live jazz musicians performing at Snug Harbor.

Louis Armstrong Educational performance tours

School tours learn through dynamic interactive exhibits, multigenerational educational programming, research facilities and engaging musical performances at the US Mint Jazz Museum. High school music trips are immersed in the music made famous by New Orleans, as it is explored in all its’ forms. This museum is housed in an old historic U.S. Mint. Located in the center of the city’s vibrant music scene, educational performance tours groups are presented with the opportunity to hear some of the country’s best jazz musicians and entertainers.

A visit to New Orleans on a high school marching band trip wouldn’t be complete without experiencing Mardi Gras. Since 1947, Mardi Gras World artists and craftsmen have designed and built the oldest and biggest parade floats and attractions for each Mardi Gras season, with over 500 floats built and decorated each year. When educational performance tours begin the Mardi Gras World tour, they get an overview of the history of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The guides then take them through the float den, where artists work year-round to build spectacular floats and props.

Learn more about what New Orleans has to offer your educational student tours and explore the city further on our New Orleans destination page.

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