Washington DC

Our nation’s capital is the ideal place for student travel. Washington DC is packed with monuments, museums, and historic locations that any student will love to visit. Students can learn about our government by visiting locations such as the White House, U.S. Capitol, and the Senate.

Scattered throughout DC, students can visit historic monuments that add context and narrative to the many historical moments in US history they’ve learned. Students can visit the Jefferson, Lincoln, and Washington monuments to learn about each president’s accomplishments during their terms and personal lives. DC is also home to many memorials of important events including the Korean War Veterans Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the World War II Memorial.

New York City

Students will love exploring New York City, one of America’s biggest melting pots. New York City is full of attractions including the Empire State Building, Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, and the Statue of Liberty. Fans of theatre and entertainment have plenty to look forward to with New York City’s theatre district and famous movie sites.

Performing students will have the opportunity to learn and perform in the Big Apple. Possible performing venues include Castle Clinton in Battery Park, Central Park Bandshell, the flight deck at the Intrepid Museum, or even Carnegie Hal (subject to acceptance into a festival program). Beautiful, historic churches in New York City provide amazing performance venues for vocal groups. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts offers incredible entertainment, including New York Philharmonic, NYC Ballet and Jazz at Lincoln Center, and educational programs for student performing groups.

performance tour sfSan Francisco

San Francisco is one of our travelers’ favorite places to visit. For many, the coastal city is something they’ve never experienced. Filled with attractions, museums, and food from many cultures, San Francisco is a great destination for student travel.

Each educational tour to San Francisco can be new and exciting, with each trip heading to new locations. On one tour, students may find themselves visiting Fisherman’s Wharf, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, or escaping to Alcatraz. On another, students might tour San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, taste some chocolate from Ghirardelli, or visit Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. At San Francisco, students won’t be hard pressed to find something exciting.

Likewise, San Francisco is proudly home to a large mix of diverse cultures. San Fran’s Chinatown is home to one of the largest Chinese communities outside of Asia. There is also Mission District, Japan Town, NorthBeach, and the Tenderloin, each home to Latino, Japanese, Italian, and Vietnamese communities respectively.

For performing students, San Francisco is abundant with educational and performance opportunities. In the past, students have taken part in performances at SFJazz Center, Union Square, and Grace Cathedral, to name a few.

New Orleans

New Orleans holds the title of being the birthplace of jazz. Music runs deep in this city’s culture, making it a must visit for students on performance tours.

Students will learn about the history and unique mix of cultures that have played a key role in developing jazz for over 300 years. Students can visit the New Orleans Jazz Museum and view over 25,000 jazz artifacts and engage in musical performances.

A visit to New Orleans isn’t complete without a swamp tour. On a guided swamp tour, students will hear about the myths and legends of creatures that are said to lurk beneath the murky waters. Who knows, they may even see a gator or two.

Los Angeles

Students all around the world are drawn to the city where nearly all of their favorite movies have been made. Students traveling to Los Angeles have plenty of opportunities to experience a behind the scenes look at how movies and music are made – Hollywood style. Visit Paramount Studio to learn the history of television and cinematic production. Also, students can visit iconic Hollywood locations such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Hollywood sign, and the Chinese Theatre.

You can’t mention Los Angeles without mentioning its close proximity to Disneyland and Universal Studios. Both a short drive from LA, students will want to spend every minute at these attractions. For performing tours, students may have an opportunity to go backstage and hone their musical talents with lessons taught by industry professionals and perform in the parks themselves.


Chicago is a destination that has to be on the list for students interested in music, performance art, or traditional art, then Chicago needs to be your next destination. In Chicago, students will be able to discover how the merging of artists across all mediums has crafted Chicago into the cultural haven it is today.

Chicago frequently hosts Broadway shows, concerts by the Chicago Symphony, performances by the Bue Man Group, and much more. There’s always something to experience in Chicago. Put it on your student travel list today.


Boston is one destination that perfectly encompasses American history. Students will want to walk the Freedom Trail, a historic route that will take them to 16 of Boston’s principal historic monuments and locations, including the site of the Boston Massacre. Additional points-of-interests include the USS Constitution and Bunker Hill. The plethora of historical landmarks scattered around Boston will create great moments to tie-in history lessons. Additional attractions include Fenway Park and the Boston Museum of Science.

Boston is also home to some incredible performance opportunities. Students may have a chance to attend a clinic and perform at the Symphony Hall, one of the world’s most acoustically perfect venues.

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