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Many students and teachers on summer vacation look for ideas to keep themselves busy while still learning. Since the 4th of July is on the horizon we thought it would be fun to share some of our fun and creative student craft, activity, and cooking ideas to get everyone into a patriotic spirit!

Patriotic Crafts

4th of July can be particularly inspirational when you combine patriotism with pride. Wreathes that can be mounted on homes and fences to showcase patriotism are an easy and fun way for young folks to share their spirit. Most popular are a red/white and blue clothespin wreath and the rolled construction paper wreath.
A craft idea that is fun and functional to use in the evenings is a 4th of July Jar Lantern. Students put sand in the bottom of a canning jar, add some local natural décor such as moss, sticks, sea shells, pine cones, and rocks, place a small US flag in the jar and then add a battery powered tea light. Functional, creative and cool. To view instructions plus more 4th of July student craft ideas check out our Pinterest page.

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4th of July Musical Performances

Musicians and singers know that “practice makes perfect”. What better way to fine-tune those skills than practicing with a 4th of July performance twist. Go online and order your favorite patriotic sheet music that you can easily download. Red, white and blue, decorated instruments are all the rage this week. Brightly colored yarn, string, crate paper and washable paint creates an amazing palette for the artist in you. There are numerous community performing options to keep you fresh such as the town fireworks display, local city parade or the opening act of a major concert or theatre production.
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Volunteering and Giving Back

Looking to give back during the 4th of July holiday? How about volunteering to teach a group of neighborhood kids to play an instrument or help them to create their own band. Senior homes love to watch performers, choose a local retirement home and treat the residents to a patriotic concert.


Does your musical group need to raise money to fund a performance tour trip this upcoming school year? What about organizing a “perform-a-thon”? Solicit your family, friends and neighbors to donate an amount of money for each hour your performance group plays in a twenty-four hour period.
How about setting up a patriotic themed snack stand at a local event? Favorite 4th of July treats that can be packed up to go are Chips and Salsa Con Independencia otherwise known as blue corn chips with a bright red salsa and a dab of white sour cream. Blue jello cubes sprinkled with red strawberries and non-fat whipped cream in a cup can be a healthy dessert option. Tasty sweet and patriotically decorated options include Rice Crispy treats, home-made cookies, candy and cupcakes.

Rounding out our 4th of July suggestions for students, we suggest reading patriotically themed books, a visit to the movies to see a heroically inspired story, or a trip to a veterans’ center to meet and honor those who fought for our freedom.

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