Top Things To Do in Ireland

Known as the Emerald Isle for its lush greenery, Ireland offers some of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in Northern Europe. Along with the impressive views, Ireland is also rich in music, cuisine, and culture, making it an ideal location for an international performance tour.

Some of the most notable attractions in Ireland include the famous Blarney Castle, Grafton Street in Dublin, and The Cliffs of Moher, most of which you can experience during your Ireland Performance Tour with Educational Discovery Tours. Learn more about student travel to Ireland below!

Discover Student Travel to Ireland

Educational Discovery Tours’ International Performance Tours will develop your students’ passion and appreciation for music in a way that can only be experienced through international travel. When visiting Ireland, students will get to experience first-hand the best of the country’s food, culture, language, music, and history. Whether it’s watching student travel groups learn the history of Ireland or performing publicly in a world-class venue, we are here to make planning any kind of tour for students a breeze.


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Experience Ireland

irish food


Experiencing the flavors and textures of Irish food is unlike your typical American dish. Traditional Irish food is simple, hearty, and made to feed the whole family. Lamb and fish are quite common in the warmer seasons while stews and soups reign supreme in the winter. And, of course, let’s not forget the potatoes which are enjoyed by Irish locals all year round. Some of the most unique and popular dishes you must try when visiting Ireland include soda bread, shellfish, Irish stew, Calconnon and champ, boxty, and the classic boiled cabbage and pork.

irish culture


Irish culture is not just unique, but it’s also quite fun and exciting. The Emerald Isle knows how to host a good party and sports are often celebrated by locals. The country of Ireland is also home to a slew of churches with almost 80% of the population identifying as Catholic. Celtic pagans are also abundant in Ireland and Celtic pagan festivals are held to advocate for the ancient Irish traditions. Sports, such as football (or soccer to American folks), also account for much of Ireland’s cultural identity with avid supporters donning yellow and green on match days.

celtic band


Ireland is home to the classic Celtic tune and many locals enjoy folk music as well. Bagpipes and fiddles are commonly played instruments in Ireland and due to their unique sound, you won’t be able to miss them being played. Dancing is also quite popular among the Irish. If you happen to catch a festival, you may notice a group of dancers performing a synchronized jig (a type of dance that involves hopping, kicking, and shuffling your feet). Some well-known bands to come from Ireland include The Cranberries, U2, and The Dubliners.

Explore Ireland’s Top Destinations

Ireland has many popular attractions to explore from visiting traditional Irish castles to venturing through the streets of Dublin. Traveling with EDT ensures you get the best travel experience possible. If you’re interested in traveling to Ireland with your class or other groups, then take a look at the Ireland Performance Tour Itinerary created by Educational Discovery Tours. And if you’re still curious about your Ireland Performance Tour, take a look at EDT’s top three attractions to visit in Ireland which are Blarney Castle, the Cliffs of Moher, and the city of Dublin.

blarney castle

Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle is a medieval fortress near Cork that was built by the MacCarthy dynasty in the 15th century. Today, Blarney Castle is considered a world landmark as well as Ireland’s greatest treasure. Home of the Blarney Stone, the castle is a huge tourist attraction that sees millions of visitors each year. The Blarney Stone, also called the Stone of Eloquence, is made of carboniferous limestone found at the top of the castle’s tower. Legend has it, if you kiss the stone you will never again be lost for words as you’ll be given the blessed gift of gab.

cliffs of moher

Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are the largest and most famous cliffs in all of Ireland. The cliffs, which span over 8 miles (14 kilometers), tower over the rugged west coast of Clare in the Burren region. This area is also called Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way as it provides endless views of the Atlantic Ocean. This historical Irish landmark is also considered a geological and geographic wonder, a conservation hotspot, and an area of immense natural richness and importance. The Cliffs are free to visit and photos/videos are permitted.



Dublin, the largest city and capital of Ireland, is picturesque and easy to navigate. This area has the youngest population in all of Europe with half of the residents being under the age of 25. Dublin is home to Ireland’s most famous cathedral, St. Patrick’s, dedicated to the isle’s patron saint and the largest church in all of Ireland.

Other popular attractions in Dublin include Grafton Street, the Dublin Zoo, and Trinity College, all of which offer breathtaking sights and greenery for miles to see.

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Ireland COVID Travel Guidelines

Student travel and entry into Ireland are allowed at this time to those who show proof of a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination. Likewise, student study visas are also available to U.S. citizens and can be obtained through the Ireland Department of Justice. Travel procedures to Ireland have been altered to keep travelers, guests, and locals safe. To accommodate everyone’s needs, travelers will be required to take a few extra precautions when traveling to the island. These include:

  • Provide validated proof of vaccination.
  • Provide validated proof of a negative PCR molecular COVID test result* within 72 hours of travel. This is either a viral nasal or throat swab.
  • Go through health screening protocols prior to entering Ireland.

For more information regarding Ireland travel guidelines, visit the U.S. Embassy in Ireland here or check out the International Travel page on the Government of Ireland’s website.

*All viral tests must be completed prior to entry into the country. No rapid tests will be accepted as their results are commonly unreliable.

Student Performance Tours to Ireland

Traveling With EDT

Performance tours with EDT are fun, well-organized, and memorable. Our trip leaders are friendly and knowledgeable of the area you’ll be visiting so that you get the most of your travels. Our experience in educational student travel has allowed us to provide exceptional experiences to students, teachers, and chaperones on hundreds of trips across the world.

Start planning your Ireland Performance Tour today! Contact us for a free quote and we’ll help you develop an itinerary that’s designed specifically to meet your group’s needs. You won’t want to miss out on the adventure of discovering all that student travel to Ireland has to offer.

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